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Asia NYEMBO Mireille

Artist of the month ( Asia NYEMBO Mireille )


Asia NYEMBO Mireille, was born in a family of 13 children on 01 April 1984 in Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo. She studied biology and chemistry in secondary school, and interior design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. She did not limit herself to her field of training, but expanded her knowledge in literature, video, photography, performance, installation and film. These artistic fields have become the means with which she finds her freedom of expression. As art is for her the deepest expression of the spirit, she allows herself to be led by it by integrating her own personal history: a childhood in a wealthy and torn family, long years of illness, the genocide in Rwanda, the war in Eastern Congo. In 2014, Asia moved to Brussels. Two years later, she obtained a grant for research and artistic experimentation, thanks to which she developed a 12-month project on raffia fibre. In 2017, she exhibited at Tamat in Tournai. In 2018, at the cultural centre Alter Schlachtof in Eupen, at the gallery Komplot in Brussels. And in 2019 at the Flemish art house Kunst In Huis Brussels. In the same year Asia is selected as curator and scenographer at the cultural centre of Eupen Alter Schlachtof in an exhibition "Ancestral mirror" organised by the Africanight festival and participates in the biennial Congo Biennial in Kinshasa. In 2020 Asia presents her art work in a world conference in Washington organized by the George Washington Museum, Textile Museum and the Cotsen Foundation and also at the AKAA the international fair of contemporary African art in Paris.


Artist of the month ( Asia NYEMBO Mireille )