bada$$ mo$iki

La Furie Prisca M. Monnier , 2023 , Kinshasa, Paris
  • La Furie Prisca M. Monnier
  • Kub'Art Gallery
  • Photography, Prints
  • Inkjet on Barita paper
  • 2023
  • 33 1/10 × 25 1/5 in | 84 × 64 cm
  • Hand-signed by artist, Back

« She used to stand there
with her bottle of Primus and smile.
Some would say she’s a HAPPY woman,
for some she’s just CRAZY.
Always dancing like there’s no tomorrow
and laughing her teeth out.
With Her Mercedes Benz never too far in case she suddenly
needs to leave
and go for a ride.
How can she act like that?
Like a White woman?
Reckless and Free...
How can she expect a Man
to want her as a Wife...?
How dare she? This is not her, this is not me but she reminds
me of you..
“On a tous un peu de Marie-Thérèse en nous”_

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