Exeter chapter i _ soldier in joconde’s view

  • La Furie Prisca M. Monnier
  • Kub'Art Gallery
  • Photography
  • Dibond
  • 2023
  • 47 1/5 × 31 1/2 in | 120 × 80 cm
  • Hand-signed by artist, Back
I am a soldier at War, My enemies are invisible and ruthless They left me here like Donquichotte fighting against dust devils, All by myself, Eating my dogfood, In a blood-red metallic box, that came from overseas with a smile, to fight wars that aren’t mine! Peace is so hard when all you’ve ever known is sweet gunshots and blood... Therefore I stand, Here... With my shitty happiness, resisting... With my clenched fist on one arm and my fake weapon on the other _____
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