Mwasi ya Mundele

La Furie Prisca M. Monnier , 2023 , Kinshasa, Paris
  • La Furie Prisca M. Monnier
  • Kub'Art Gallery
  • Photography
  • Inkjet on Barita paper prestige
  • 2023
  • 23 3/5 × 15 7/10 in | 60 × 40 cm
  • Hand-signed by artist
That’s how they call me___ « la femme du blanc » i used to find it rather funny. Until it wasn’t For my skin suddenly disappeared Replaced by a faceless identity And a voice with no sound / Am I not black enough? I asked / What are you complaining about? { They said } You are cherished like Porcelain over there! so I kept quiet with My mouth on fire /-
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